Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Kick Start Your Day With CBD

Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Kick Start Your Day With CBD

Breakfast is one of the important meals of the day. Skipping breakfast may lead to several health conditions such as chronic intestinal conditions, headache, low energy, and others. A delicious, healthy breakfast helps to kick start your day and prepares you for everyday challenges. In this article, you can learn a few healthy, yummy breakfast recipes that boost your energy.

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Healthy breakfast recipes

There are a variety of breakfast recipes that you can prepare at home within 5 minutes. These recipes are not only easy to prepare but also they are packed with nutritional values as well.

Honey apple sandwich

  • Ingredients – Whole-grain bread, apple slices, honey, and ricotta cheese.
  • Preparation: Mix honey and ricotta cheese with apple slices, place the mixture in the whole-wheat bread, and toast it. This toast is rich in proteins and vitamins.

Smoothies with CBD oil

Smoothies are popular breakfast foods. They are creamy, delicious, and healthy. Also, they are an efficient way to add CBD oil to your diet.

  • Ingredients – Raspberries or strawberries and CBD oil, a few pieces of banana, goji berries, an apple, and almond milk.
  • Preparation: Mix all the ingredients and make a smoothie. Also, you can add tropical fruits for a fiber-rich smoothie. Also, it contains rich nutrients and fatty acids.

Banana pancakes

  • Ingredients – Bananas, eggs, and CBD oil
  • Preparation: Take a bowl and whisk eggs. Add the banana paste to it and fry pancakes on a heated pan with CBD oil. These pancakes are gluten-free, sugar-free, and rich in vitamin-6 which is found in meat and fish.

Fresh fruit and yogurt

  • Ingredients – Fresh fruits and low-fat yogurt
  • Preparation: Take slices of your favorite fruits like strawberries, apples, and others, make a salad and add them to low-fat yogurt. You can even add nuts and CBD oil to pack it with rich nutrients. This helps to boost your immunity, promotes healthy skin, and reduces digestive problems.

Quinoa bowl

  • Ingredients – Pears or peaches, blueberries, and other fruits, almonds, quinoa
  • Preparation: Take your favorite fruits from the fridge like pears, blueberries, and others. Add toasted almonds, quinoa, and almond milk to it for a delightful flavor and texture.

Avocado toast

It is one of the healthiest breakfast recipes loved by many people.

  • Ingredients – Avocados, pepper, salt, lime, bread, and egg (optional)
  • Preparation: Take avocado paste, add salt, pepper, and lime to it, and spread it over the toasted bread. You can even top it with a poached or scrambled egg.

Plus, you can try other healthy recipes, including tofu scramble, chia seed pudding, poached eggs, banana peanut smoothies, and many more.

CBD is a natural, safe compound that has various therapeutic benefits. By including CBD in your diet, you can obtain many nutritional values, which helps to maintain overall health. Choose the best store that offers lab-tested CBD products and order them today.