Digital Marketing And The Know, Like, And Trust Factor

Digital Marketing And The Know, Like, And Trust Factor

Every successful salesperson will tell ya that customers must like, trust, and know you before buying. This is something that many marketers and businesses struggle with. Even if your content is great, it won’t connect with your audience or make meaningful connections unless your followers and website visitors are engaged. They must first know you. Then they must like you. Finally, they need to trust you. This is when you can turn your visitors into customers.

These are the ways to make your users like trust and know you.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new site or are trying to build your online audience for an existing company, it can be hard to get noticed online. High-quality content is key to attracting attention in your marketing. This helps build your reputation as someone worth listening to. Here are some tips to help you get noticed.

Learn about your customer

You won’t succeed in the digital age if you use broad strokes. Your visitors will be looking for solutions to specific problems. You can’t talk to everyone. Create content that is specific to your buyer by identifying who they are.

Make sure you have the right content

Understanding your buyer is the first step. Next, you need to turn this idea into the content. Make sure you do your research to get to know your clients. Ask your clients questions, conduct keyword analysis, and, above all, make sure you write content that is interesting to them. SEO optimized for Google is not helpful if it doesn’t resonate well with your customers.

Make use of your expertise

We believe that engaging content is key to creating engaging content. People want to hear advice from experts. Use your personal experiences, customer cases, and other knowledge to position yourself as an authority. Your writing should be based on evidence to establish your authority in the subject area.

Three ways to increase your online likability

It has a lot to do with being likable. We prefer to do business only with certain people, even if they have exact products or prices.

Your people should be on your site

It amazes me how many businesses don’t include photos of their employees or themselves on their websites. People prefer doing business with people and not their websites.

Your images should be displayed throughout your website or on your about page. This will instantly increase your likability, especially if you are competing.

Be authentic

Your website and content should reflect your true self. Does your website reflect who you are? You should also be honest in your advice and stories when creating content for your blog, social networks, and newsletters.

How to build trust online

While being liked and known are important, they are only two rungs below the top. It is easier to sell when you are trusted. These three steps will make you a trusted online entity.

Be consistent

Digital marketing can refer to a variety of things, including consistency in quality, frequency, and platforms. Trust in customers is built by having a consistent cadence and delivering the same content on different channels.


A digital marketing agency Denver can help you build an online presence that will allow you to reach your target audience. You can build trust by creating engaging, trustworthy content. This will allow you to win their trust and increase your sales.