Do You Know How long Normally It takes to Charge an EV?

Do You Know How long Normally It takes to Charge an EV?

An ultra-rapid charger of 350kW may charge your EV (Electric Vehicle) in as little as eight minutes, or it can take more than forty-eight hours using a portable charger that comes with the car. This is based on the battery size and charging point speed.

A 7kW charging station needs 10 hours to charge fully a typical EV has a 70kWh battery from empty to completely full. In contrast to gasoline, electric vehicle charging involves continually topping off the charge instead of waiting until the battery is completely depleted.

Larger batteries are being installed in newer EVs, which can also be charged by more potent, ultra-rapid charging stations from EV.

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When you return to your office or your home, you simply plug the electric car back in. Think of it as your mobile phone with a lot larger battery. Ideally, range concerns will vanish as batteries will get bigger.

Most electric vehicles (95%) are charged usually at home or at the office. Only 5% of people make use of DC charging facilities. Therefore, be sure to have easy access to a certain charging station.

The following are a few facts that you must know about EV charging:

  • The quickest way to charge an EV is using a certain rapid charger, which can give it a range of 60 to 200 miles within 20 to 30 minutes.
  • 3.7kW or 7kW is the average power rating for home charging outlets
  • All EVs can charge at a maximum charge rate that they will accept at compatible charge points with a greater maximum rate of charge than they may handle.

Factors that can affect charging speed

The following are 5 chief factors that can affect your time to charge an EV battery.

  1. Battery size

The battery capacity (in kWh) of your car will determine how long it will take to charge.

  1. Battery state

Whether your battery is full or empty will affect how long it will take to charge. It will take much longer to charge if you start from scratch than if you fill up from 50%.

  1. Maximum charging rate

A vehicle’s battery can only be charged at the highest charge rate that it will tolerate. For instance, if your vehicle’s maximum charge rate is about 7 kW, utilizing a 22 kW charge point won’t result in a faster charge.

  1. The maximum rate of charging at the charge point

The maximum rate of charging of the charge point that you are using will also have a limit on how long it will take to charge. For instance, even though your vehicle has a charging capacity of 11 kW, a 7 kW charge point will only let it charge at 7 kW.

  1. Environmental factors

It could take a little longer to charge in a cooler environment, especially when using a quick charger. Fewer miles can be added every charging cycle as a result of automobiles being less efficient in colder weather.