Cleaning And Storing Air Coolers Before Winter

Cleaning And Storing Air Coolers Before Winter

Your air conditioner may be the most eco-friendly appliance in the summer. However, it is not necessary during winter when temperatures are very low. It is not a good idea to have an idle machine occupying your living space in winter. It is best to store it. Proper storage will not only ensure that your air cooler does not take up too much space in winter, but it will also help prolong its life expectancy. Are you preparing for winter by knowing how to store and clean your air cooler? These are some helpful tips.

The Best Time For The Air Cooler To Be Cleaned Before Winter

It is crucial to store and clean your air conditioner before winter hits. Evaporative Cooler works by using a fan to convert water into vapor and heat. The cooler’s water can become ice if the fan stops. This can damage the compressor and other components. It is therefore important to properly clean and store your air conditioner before winter.

How Do You Clean Your Air Cooler?

It is not possible to just turn off the air conditioner and then forget about it. Proper storage and cleaning are a good idea to keep your air cooler safe in winter.

A technician may be able to help you winterize your air cooler properly, but you can do it yourself and save money. These are the top tips to clean your air conditioner and keep it safe.

Turn The Power Off Completely

The machine should be turned off completely. Then, unplug the power source. Also, unplug the power source and keep it safe. You should wrap and tie the power cord securely to prevent any damage to it.

Clean And Drain The Water Tank Properly

The first step in cleaning your air cooler is to empty the water tank. If the water tank can be separated from the machine, it may be easier to clean. Drain it well before washing.

Mineral deposits can form in your water tank, regardless of where it comes from. This is particularly important if the machine uses hard water. This is a must if you want to clean out the tank.

Let the cleaning solution sit for 20 minutes, then scrub the tank with a brush. Rinse the tank with clean water. You can concentrate on cleaning the cooler and maintaining it while the cleaning solution is still in the tank.

Carefully Clean The Interior Of The Machine

Before you store it for winter, make sure to clean any other parts of the air cooler. Spend time cleaning each part of the machine.

Use a soft brush to lightly clean the interior. Wipe with a cloth any sections that are not easily reached.

After you have cleaned out all the mineral and dirt deposits, flush the tank with fresh, clean water.

Carefully Clean The Exterior Of The Machine

Pay attention to the exterior of your machine when cleaning it for winter storage. You must make sure your air cooler looks great regularly.

To avoid the possibility of rusting and other damage, mild soap should be used for external cleaning. Do not use a hard brush. A gentle scrub will suffice. After washing your hands with soap, rinse the entire area with clean, fresh water.

Let Every Part Dry Out Completely

It is important to clean your air cooler and allow it to dry completely before you store it. The consequences of keeping the air cooler cool in winter with water inside can be severe. After cleaning and washing the machine, let it dry completely before you assemble it again.

Cooling Pad Cleaning And Maintenance

To ensure that your cooling pads work well, they must be cleaned and maintained like all other parts of the air cooler. Regularly check the condition of your cooling pad.

They will last longer if they are kept clean and in good condition. The pads can be cleaned with mild soap or mild vinegar. If there is a lot of dust or cracks, it’s best to replace them.

Cover Your Cooler Protectively

No matter the size of the air cooler or how it was mounted, winter must be covered.

Units that are permanently placed outside and cannot be moved need to be stored carefully for winter. Use a suitable cover to protect your unit from dust and the elements.

It is a smart idea to invest in a cover for your air conditioner. You can still use the original cover to cover your air cooler before you store it.